Rebuilding West Virginia

West Virginia is long overdue for a rebuild.  We have a strong foundation to build upon - Mountaineer pride, a hard-working labor background, and a beautiful mountain landscape.  But decades of short-sighted leadership have left our state bankrupt and wages have flatlined. 

It's time to make investments now that will pay off long into the future.

Mountaineers are always free.  But we're not truly free when so many of our children deal with food insecurity and their parents struggle to find affordable housing.  We're not truly free when opportunities for our children are limited by an underfunded public education system that hasn't given a raise to teachers and school personnel since the Cold War.  We're not truly free when a medical emergency results in a choice between bankruptcy or no healthcare at all.

We live in the wealthiest country on earth - it's time to invest some of that wealth back into the people of West Virginia.

As your delegate, I intend to get started on building solutions for our struggling brothers and sisters, not just talking about it. Join me!